The only high capacity travel case designed specifically to hold and protect JUULpods for any adventure.

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High Storage Capacity

POD VAULT uses an optimized space efficient design to maxamize storage capacity and minimize bulk. POD VAULT holds up to 12 JUULpods - That's 3 full packs!

Space Efficient Design

About the size of a candy bar, POD VAULT can easily be stored in a glove compartment, travel bag, or pocket with enough JUULpods for multi-day trips.

Secure Hold

The magnetic case closure and custom designed retention system allows you to carry your POD VAULT on any adventure without the worry of spilled or misplaced pods.

A very unique take on Juul Pod cases on the market, the Pod Vault is smaller than other cases but can hold way more - up to 12 pods. The sleek design and snappy features allow for a quick and easy way to carry pods whether it’s during a hike or traveling on an airplane. 


The aesthetics of this case make it a classy way to carry my Juul pods. The magnets as well as the case itself are extremely durable. Everyone is always asking me where they can get one.


The Pod Vault is extremely easy to use, paired with a built in locking system, this it one of the best pod carriers on the market. I am extremely satisfied and thoroughly enjoy the case itself. Highly recommend for anyone who uses a Juul.